When autonomous cars are common will people have nostalgia for driving? Audi thinks so.

If you love the feeling of being behind the wheel then the thought of a future where you can only ride in autonomous cars can seem fairly bleak. Apparently Audi agrees that self-driving vehicles might end up being too boring for nostalgic folks in the years to come because the automaker's newest ad takes on this potential driving dystopia.

The spot opens in a gorgeous city of tomorrow where an older man sits in a massive, gleaming office. He leaves work and his autonomous Audi arrives at the curb the moment that the man steps out the door. Despite living in a technological wonderland, the guy seems unhappy. The audience soon understands why.

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He laments that in the past (or our present) "driving wasn't just about being carried from place to place but going somewhere and feeling something along the way." Apparently, this guy was quite an Audi fan. As a teenager, he drove an Audi Sport Quattro, despite the Four Rings producing just 164 of them worldwide, making him quite a lucky guy. The man also has a first-gen TT Coupe and R8 Spyder.

Audi Future Driver Ad

Once at home, the autonomous Audi retracts into the garage floor, and he sips a cup of coffee inside while looking out at the city's twinkling lights. The guy can't relax, though, and he suddenly flees, which makes his virtual assistant very upset. In the final shots, he speeds away in a new R8 Spyder.

Craig Gillespie, the director of films like I, Tonya and Lars and the Real Girl, was behind the camera for this spot, according to AdWeek.

The more you think about it, the darker this ad gets. The R8 Spyder at the end of the commercial is new today, but the fully autonomous Audi with no controls and an on-board virtual assistant is something that's still years away from hitting the road. The spot subtly suggests that in the autonomous driving future only old cars can be fun. 

Source: AdWeek, Audi USA via YouTube

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