Initially registered by Andrew Johnston, first Chairman of Essex County Council, in 1904.

New record

Everybody thought that GBP 331,000 would be the ultimate record for the M1 UK license plate, topping Russian gazillionaire and Chelsea owner Abramovich's GBP 281,000 bid for the VIP1 plate. But today we can officially report a new record, set by Afzal Kahn from Project Kahn who paid an astounding GBP 375,000 for the 'F1' UK number plate (that's GBP 440,625 including taxes, almost 600,000 Euro or USD 875,000).

The F1 number plate was sold by the Essex County Council who has been in possession of the plate ever since 1904. Lord Hanningfield, the current leader of the authority, said: "It will be with some sadness that we will be losing this little piece of Essex history.”

Afzal Kahn, President of Project Kahn, said “I am privileged to have acquired such a prestigious marque. I am extremely happy the money raised from the sale will help improve road safety and through the training of young drivers.”

For now the F1 license plates is used for a Mercedes SLR McLaren, but in a few weeks time it will move to Kahn latest, a Range Rover Cosworth. Stay tuned for that!