New HELE system improves the California's CO2 emissions rating from 299 g/km to 270 g/km and also provides a transmission optimization that puts an additional 25 Nm of torque on tap.

Ferrari has premiered the California model at the Paris motor show fitted with its new HELE (High Emotion Low Emissions) system.

The comprehensive technology is designed to lessen the CO2 emissions of the car while at the same time boosting efficiency and performance.

The technology features a complex system of intelligent electronics, including a stop/start system with a 230 milliseconds re-start time that does not impact the drive experience at all and is also made ideal for F1-inspired left-foot braking. The HELE system also electronically controls components such as the engine fan, fuel pump, air-conditioning compressor and adaptively controls the gear-shift pattern to optimize the car's workings as a whole and maximize the efficient use of energy.

The HELE system on the Ferrari California reduces the model's CO2 emissions from 299 g/km to 270 g/km. In urban driving, emissions fall by 23 percent compared to the standard California without HELE.

Those electronic transmission adjustments that respond to the driving style can also make for an additional 25 Nm of torque to be available.