It may not be all new, but the Hyundai i20 is significantly improved.

With a fresh new face and some added tech, the Hyundai i20 has been thoroughly revamped for the 2018 model year. The current-generation i20 has been on the market since 2014, but the new makeover adds some much needed style, tech, and safety to an already successful formula.

For one, the i20 gets an all-new face. Whereas most mid-cycle refreshes are pretty mundane, Hyundai has opted to fit the i20 with a family-friendly Cascading grille, first previewed on a prototype in 2017. It’s a relatively dramatic departure from the outgoing styling, and gives the i20 a more upscale feel overall.

Three body styles will be available on the new model, including five-door, three-door coupe, and Active trims. The five-door and Active models see the most revisions, gaining the new Cascading grille, updated rear styling to both the bumpers and taillights, new 15- and 16-inch wheel options, a Phantom Black two-tone roof, and more colors. The new options include 10 different shades, with three new additions: Tomato Red, Champion, Blue, and Clean Slate. The same updated styling and unique color options can be found in the cabin, with features like a new Blue interior with blue inserts, or Red Point and Blue Point patterns with unique styling elements and stitching.

Hyundai i20 restyling
Hyundai i20 restyling

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Apart from styling, technology was a big area of focus for Hyundai engineers in the redesign. The i20 now offers a new seven-inch infotainment with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity – the first time ever the tech has been offered on this vehicle. There’s also a new USB charger on the center console, and plenty of newfound safety.

The i20 now features the newest Hyudai SmartSense safety technology, including things like lane departure warning, lane keep assist, forward collision avoidance, driver attention warning, and even high-beam assist. Most of this added safety equipment comes at an extra cost, of course.

All trim levels, from coupe to Active, come with a standard 1.0-liter turbocharged engine. Paired to the standard five-speed manual transmission, that engine produces 100 horsepower (74 kilowatts). When optioned with the six-speed manual, that same engine now produces 118 horsepower (88 kilowatts). Buyers can also opt for a first-ever seven-speed dual-clutch automatic.

Hyundai i20 restyling
Hyundai i20 restyling

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A larger 1.2-liter engine, available on the coupe and Active trims, comes paired to a five-speed manual, with an output of either 73 (55 kW) or 83 hp (62 kW). At the top of the range, a 1.4-liter four-cylinder engine, paired to a six-speed manual transmission exclusively, produces 100 hp (74 kW). All three versions of the i20 will come with a new stop-start feature as well.

"The i20 is one of our DNA models and has continuously been one of our top-selling cars in Europe for a decade. The i-range is the strong foundation of our brand’s success in Europe," says Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, Vice President Marketing and Product of Hyundai Motor Europe. "By updating the New i20 in design, safety, connectivity, and powertrain lineup, we are continuing to meet the expectations of our customers to ensure the ongoing success of this model range."

It’s unclear when the new i20 will go on sale, or how much it might cost when it does. But expect to see the new subcompact in Hyundai dealers in Europe in just a few months. A hotted-up i20 N is also rumored to join the lineup.

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Hyundai Motor is continuing its success in the B-segment by introducing a refreshed i20 line-up. In order to meet customers’ expectations, i20 five-door and Active now have a more modern design as well as updated safety features with Hyundai SmartSense. For the entire i20 line-up, Hyundai is also introducing a seven-speed dual clutch transmission (7DCT) for an optimal driving comfort and an Idle Stop and Go (ISG) system, which will reduce CO 2 emissions. Offering a choice of three different gasoline powertrains, the New i20 meets current market demands.

“The i20 is one of our DNA models and has continuously been one of our top-selling cars in Europe for a decade. The i range is the strong foundation of our brand’s success in Europe”, says Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, Vice President Marketing & Product of Hyundai Motor Europe. “By updating the New i20 in design, safety, connectivity and powertrain line-up, we are continuing to meet the expectations of our customers to ensure the ongoing success of this model range.”

Styling: a fresher and more modern appearance

The styling of the i20 has been refreshed in several ways. The elegant lines of the New i20 emphasize its sophisticated exterior. The front of the i20 five-door now features the Cascading Grille, the family identity uniting all Hyundai models. In addition to its modern and fresh design, the New i20 also boasts a spacious and comfortable interior.

Exterior design

In order to make the New i20 more appealing and give it more character, the front of the five-door now features redesigned front bumpers including the Cascading Grille. The rear of the i20 five-door and Active also has updated bumpers and rear combination lamps, creating a more dynamic look. The tailgate has been reworked to integrate the license plate. Also, Hyundai has created a bolder appearance for the i20 five-door by adding new 15”- and 16”-alloy wheels.

The i20 five-door is available with a panoramic sun roof. Both versions – i20 five-door and Active – are available with a Phantom Black two-tone roof, offering customers more compelling options to personalize their car. Customers can also choose from ten distinctive colors for the exterior: Tomato Red, Champion Blue and Clean Slate are new colours in the i20 range, on top of the existing colours Passion Red, Aqua Sparkling, Cashmere Brown, Sleek Silver, Stardust, Polar  White and Phantom Black.

Interior design

Customers can also select a wide range of colors for the interior that emphasize the youthful look of the New i20. The new Blue interior comes with a blue colored inlay that runs the full width of the dashboard and around the inner door handles. The new Red Point and Blue Point interior patterns with red or blue color accents allow customers to create a more distinctive look in the car’s interior. As an alternative, the i20 still is available in sophisticated Black or Greyish Blue. Drivers of the New i20 also benefit from outstanding roominess, with an uncompromized trunk capacity of 326 litres (VDA).

Modern and connected

The revised Hyundai i20 range offers various new and advanced connectivity features that integrate seamlessly with the driver’s smartphone, which will ensure even greater comfort while traveling. For every model of the entire i20 line-up, customers can choose between four different audio systems. In addition to the audio system with the 3.8-inch screen, Hyundai now offers a new five-inch monochrome screen. The new seven-inch Display Audio offers easy connectivity: customers can easily mirror content from their smartphone to the system’s display using Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. As a result, passengers can use the navigation system of their smartphone without the need for built-in car navigation. Furthermore, the i20 is now available with an optional seven-inch infotainment system that integrates all navigation, media and connectivity features, and supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as Live Services. The New i20 is available with a USB charger so passengers can re-charge their mobile devices.

Easy to handle, easy to run

The New i20 offers a choice of three gasoline powertrains. The Kappa 1.0-liter T-GDI engine, available for the entire i20 line-up, comes with a choice of two power outputs: the engine that is capable of 74 kW/100 PS is available with a five-speed manual transmission, while the high-power version of 88 kW/120 PS comes with a six-speed manual transmission. As an alternative, both powertrains can be matched with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission – a Hyundai first in the i20 range. Offered for the i20 five-door and three-door Coupe, the Kappa 1.2-liter engine is available with two different outputs, both mated to a five-speed manual transmission: 55 kW/75 PS or 62 kW/84 PS. The i20 Active is available with the Kappa 1.4-liter engine generating an output of 74 kW/100 PS. The powertrain is paired with a six speed manual transmission. The Idle Stop and Go (ISG) is a standard feature in all three i20 versions, which will contribute to lower fuel consumption, lower CO 2 emissions and higher efficiency. The fuel savings of using the ISG will be especially apparent when driving in urban areas, as ISG automatically switches off the engine when the car comes to a halt.

By concentrating on efficient gasoline engines in the i20 range, Hyundai is responding to market demands. The 1.0 T GDI is now equipped with a built-in particulate filter to enhance environmental performance. The whole i20 powertrain line-up is fully compliant with Euro 6c regulations. Safe and reliable: introducing Hyundai SmartSense for i20 To comply with the highest European standards, the New i20 now also includes the latest Hyundai SmartSense active safety and drivers assistance systems. These include Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), Lane Keeping Assist (LKA), Forward Collision Avoidance Assist (FCA) city and interurban, Driver Attention Warning (DAW) and High Beam Assist (HBA).

Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

The i20 can be equipped with Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS). LDWS alerts drivers with clear visual and acoustic warnings if the car begins to drift outside its intended lane. This can help prevent potential collisions with other vehicles.

Lane Keeping Assist (LKA)

The Lane Keeping Assist alerts the driver of unsafe movements at over 60 km/h by sensing the car’s position. The Lane Departure Warning (LDW) sounds an alarm before the car moves over white, grey and blue lines as well as over Bott’s dots, while LKA warns the driver acoustically and visually before inducing corrective steering to guide the driver back to a safe position.

Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA) city and interurban

The FCA (city and interurban) is an optional feature in the i20. It is an advanced active safety feature that alerts drivers to emergency situations, and brakes autonomously if required. Using a front camera, FCA operates in three stages. Stage one is initially warning the driver visually and acoustically. Stage two is controlling the brake if there is danger of collision. Stage three is applying maximum braking force to avoid a collision, or minimising the damage if a collision is unavoidable.

Driver Attention Warning (DAW)

The i20 features Driver Attention Warning, a driver-protection feature to help monitor driving patterns in order to detect reckless or fatigued driving and prevent potential accidents. The system analyses various vehicle signals, such as steering angle, steering torque, the vehicle’s position in the lane, and driving time. In addition, the driver can adjust a user-selectable setting for the system’s sensitivity. If the system detects inattentive driving patterns, a sound and message on the instrument display panel will alert the driver.

High Beam Assist (HBA)

When switched to automatic mode, High Beam Assist detects both oncoming vehicles and vehicles in the same lane ahead at night as well as changes to low-beam as appropriate, thereby reducing blinding effects on other drivers. When no more vehicles are detected, the system automatically reactivates the high beams, maximising the driver’s range of vision. To further demonstrate the quality and reliability of the i20, all three variants are available with a unique five-
year, unlimited mileage warranty.