Don’t record your tomfoolery.

The list of things you shouldn’t do behind the wheel of a supercar is lengthy. But there are two that take the cake – don’t speed and don’t crash. Those two things are simple, technically. Yes, it’s hard not to try and use all the horsepower that’s available to you, but restraint is critical. Usually, if you speed, you end up crashing, so the two are tied together. However, for this unlucky McLaren 720S driver, you don’t need to be going all that fast to wreck.

Now, the video doesn’t show much, sadly. Also, vertical video should be a crime – but that’s a discussion for another day. We see the McLaren 720S on a public road launch with some gusto before the tires start to squeal and the driver loses control. In the oncoming lane are two motorcyclists, which could have made the situation significantly deadlier. The McLaren fishtails before homing in on the Audi R8 that’s parked alongside the road, crashing into it. The McLaren spins, and, before the video ends, you can see the damaged front ends of both cars. A lot can go wrong in 11 seconds. 

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The driver could have easily hit one of the oncoming bikers, went off the road entirely, or hit any of the other cars that parked along the street. But nope, the driver made it to one of the last objects he could hit – which just happened to be another supercar. Not the best place to smash the accelerator of a supercar.

If you watch the video carefully, you can see the McLaren start to fishtail while there’s still an oncoming bike in possible danger. That’s when the McLaren snaps back. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to attend a professional driving school, one tidbit of helpful information is that the car will go in the direction you’re looking. For example, if you get yourself into a dicey situation and are staring at a tree along the side of the road, you’ll more than likely hit it. That’s what appears to have happened in the case of the McLaren driver. The driver focused on the Audi because he didn’t want to hit it, and in the process, it became unavoidable. 

Talk about a bad day.

Source: Amir via YouTube

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Photo by: Steven Ewing
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