What can you find inside the new Nissan Townpod electric concept? Get the full story right here.

Nissan wheeled out a new design study at the Paris Motor Show today, and it looks as though it is a cross between the MINI Clubman and a tank.  The Nissan Townpod has odd headlights that change shape to serve as daytime runners when the sun is up, but are also meant to give the car a bonnet design like the Nissan Z.

The six-door model uses the same powertrain as the Nissan LEAF.  Meant to keep with automakers' trends of using "relaxing" colors for alternative fueled vehicles, the car was painted in "Stratosphere White" and features "electric blue" accents.

Inside the Townpod uses a somewhat futuristic steering wheel with several controls integrated in.  With two touch screens and a small joystick gear selector, the dashboard and console have almost no push buttons anywhere.  To make the car functional, engineers installed a slim rear bench that can bury right in to the front seats to create more cargo space.  An interesting feature is The Puck, a carved rubber ball that handles drink holders, purses and man bags, as well as mobile phones.

"In this way, owners can easily customize the interior of Nissan Townpod to suit their particular needs," said Nissan Product Chief Masato Inoue.  "The system is completely open source - we encourage individuals or other organizations to come up with accessories to complement this platform."

Could this spell the future of cars for Nissan?  Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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