Check out the up-to-date Renault Zoe Preview, with a front and rear end expected to show up on the Renault Clio mk IV. Details inside.

The range-extended electric hybrid Renault Zoe Preview was shown off today at the Paris Motor Show.  Displaying what the automaker calls "a realistic glimpse of the forthcoming mass-market" Zoe vehicle, the 4.1-meter long model is almost certainly an advanced look at the next Clio.

After all, the third generation Clio has just entered its fifth year of production, and Renault is practically encouraging comparison between one of its bread-and-butter models and the Zoe.  Referring to the Zoe, a press release states that it is a "Clio-sized car featuring Renault's new brand identity, including the new front-end signature."

Translation: look for the smooth, rounded front end with well integrated lighting and a long-side-up trapezoidal grille to show up on new Renault models.  The company does say that, "Front-end modifications are only likely to be made from Zoe to Clio to enable cooling to the engine; its teardrop shape at the rear, however, is another design cue that the next Clio is likely to adopt."

The Zoe itself is an urban transporter that runs on a 60-kiloWatt (80-hp) electric motor that kicks out 222 Nm of torque.  Zoe is able to sprint to 100 km/h in 8.1 seconds before topping out at 135 km/h (84 mph).  Still, engineers fitted the car with 19-inch wheels, a move they say will make the car more suitable for driving outside of the city.  You won't go too far, though, as the car is fitted with a lithium-ion battery pack that provides a 161-km (100-mile) range.

Impressively, the battery can give out another 37 miles after just 10-minutes of plug-in time, with an 80 percent charge being achieved after 30 minutes.  The car's battery can also be removed and replaced in about three minutes in countries where Quickdrop battery exchange stations will be available.

Other featurers on the car includes a climate control system with adjustable humidity, a toxicity sensor that shuts vents after detecting high levels of pollution in outside air, a scent diffuser and light therapy system.  With all those relaxing elements, hopefully the driver will not pass out behind the wheel!