You’ve by now heard all about the new Porsche 911 GT2 RS. It set a blistering Nürburgring lap time of 6 minutes, 47.3 seconds. It packs 700 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque. It’ll reach 60 miles per hour in 2.7 seconds and has a top speed of 211 mph.

But can it put a smile on the face of a tennis star?

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To find out, Porsche enlisted its Brand Ambassadors, former Porsche Works driver Mark Webber and five-time Grand Slam champion Maria Sharapova, to take the GT2 RS for a spin. The duo got behind the wheel of the most powerful Porsche road car at the company’s development center in Weissach, Germany. First, Sharapova went for a drive under the close tutelage of Webber. Then the experienced racing driver took over to give the tennis star a thrill ride around the track.

It’s not the first time this duo went for a high-speed ride in a hot Porsche. Back in 2014, Porsche sent Webber and Sharapova out for a drive in a 918 Spyder.

Of course, we know that Webber had tried out the 911 GT2 RS before – he starred in a promotional video for The Grand Tour in which he performed terribly during a driving test for the TV show.

Along with the aforementioned incredible engine specs, the Porsche 911 GT2 RS packs lots of impressive performance components. The seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, for instance, has revised gear ratios for improved acceleration. The hood, fenders, and decklid are made from carbon fiber to save weight. Carbon ceramic brakes are standard to scrub speed. The suspension is fully adjustable so it can be tuned for different tracks. And the car even has four-wheel steering to help with low-speed agility.

Want to replicate Webber and Sharapova’s experience yourself? Well, doing so won’t be cheap. To pick up a GT2 RS in the U.S. you’ll need $293,200 – before taxes, destination, or options, which can push the sticker price up to $359,670. For now, simply live vicariously by watching the full video above.

Source: Porsche

Gallery: Maria Sharapova, Mark Webber Hit The Track In Porsche 911 GT2 RS

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Maria Sharapova and Mark Webber in a 911 GT2 RS

Stuttgart. Maria Sharapova and Mark Webber arranged to meet for a special form of speed dating at the Porsche Development Center in Weissach on Friday. As Porsche Brand Ambassadors, the tennis star and the racing driver have known each other for a while now – and the five-time Grand Slam winner was more than happy to take up the invitation of the former Porsche works driver and endurance world champion to swap the clay court in the Porsche Arena for the asphalt of the Porsche test track. The former Porsche works driver and world endurance champion negotiated the circuit with the tennis player in a 700 hp powerful Porsche 911 GT2 RS, always in the ideal line and close to the limits of physics in some bends. Even though the strain for Maria Sharapova as the passenger was not as high as in a third-set tie-break in the final of a Grand Slam, she visibly enjoyed the detour to Weissach which also included a spell behind the steering wheel herself.

“It’s always fascinating to experience what a professional racing driver can do with a super sports car,” said Maria Sharapova afterwards, “and keeping my well-being in mind, I’m sure he wasn’t driving flat out, far from it. He’s simply a real gentleman.”