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The 2018 Beijing Motor Show kicks off this Wednesday and Volvo owned by local automaker Geely will be there to introduce a new concept based on its S90 flagship sedan. The showcar started out in life as the three-seater Excellence version and then it went through a number of changes on the inside to make the ride experience even more enjoyable for passengers relaxing on the rear seats.

The concept’s highlight is the headliner on which various visual elements are displayed based on the selected theme: Scandinavian Forest, Northern Lights, Rain, Archipelago, and Swan Lake. Besides these themes, the S90 Ambience Concept also has a Nocturnal mode when you want to rest and also a “Freedom” mode giving you a “boost of fresh and uplifting energy.”

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The dynamic ceiling is complemented by the sound coming out of the Bowers and Wilkins sound system as each theme selected via a dedicated smartphone app modifies the aural experience. The high-end audio system has an ace up its sleeve as it comes with small tweeters embedded into the headrests.

To complete the package, there are four specially made scents released from a special compartment incorporated in the center console. Each theme is harmoniously matched to one of the four available scents that were created by Byredo, a Swedish high-end marque specialized in scented candles, perfumes, as well as leather goods.

While the S90 Ambience is only a concept for the time being, Volvo says it plans to offer this feature on the road-going sedan, with a focus on the Chinese market. The People’s Republic is a big deal for the premium brand as last year the company managed to sell more than 100,000 cars in the country for the first time ever. In addition, China is not only Volvo’s biggest single market, but also the largest marketplace for the S90.

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