Automatics versus manuals – that’s the eternal dispute. Both have advantages and both have diehard fans, all around the globe. But in a time when autonomous and electric technologies are all the rage, the manual gearbox seems to be a bit forgotten. And that’s why we were extremely happy to see that Honda has released a new educational video of how to drive a manual. Not only that, it also explains why customers are actually buying new cars with manuals.

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We are perfectly sure you are quite familiar with the process of driving a car with stick shift, but the video actually provides some tricks of how to make your manners behind the wheel more refined and how to drive the car more smoothly. For example, when you change gears from, say, second to third, you push the clutch pedal while lifting off the gas at the same time, shift up, slowly release the clutch and - here’s the magic – add a bit of power to smooth out the connection between the spinning engine and the spinning wheels. The same trick can be applied when shifting from higher to lower gear.

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And now about the reasons we love manuals. As Honda points out, it’s all about the experience behind the wheel. A manual gearbox gives a much stronger connection with the machine and also lets the driver be in full control during all situations. Plus, you know, you look really cool.

Only about less than five percent of cars sold in the United States are equipped with a manual gearbox, while in Europe and Japan its share is much bigger at approximately 80 percent. At least 60 percent of the models offered in the U.S. currently are available exclusively with automatics, but Honda is one of the manufacturers that offers manuals for most of its vehicles.

Source: Honda on YouTube

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