If another driver had lurked beneath Michael Schumacher's red helmet in 2010, boss Ross Brawn has admitted Mercedes GP might have ousted him.

If another driver had lurked beneath Michael Schumacher's red helmet in 2010, boss Ross Brawn has admitted Mercedes GP might have ousted him.

British television pundit Eddie Jordan, Schumacher's first ever F1 boss, said in Singapore after the German's incident strewn run to 13th place that he "would sack him".

"He's clearly not good enough on this performance we've seen," the Irishman charged.

Asked a similar question by F1's official website, Mercedes GP chief Brawn admitted on Wednesday that - if Schumacher was not the famous seven time world champion and record-setting legend - the struggling occupant of this year's car number 3 might have been shown the door.

"To be honest, probably not," said the Briton when asked if he would have persevered with a different driver showing Schumacher's current level of performance.

"But because we know Michael, we know that there is still a lot to come because Michael is in many fields more talented than others -- in driving and in the cooperation with the team," insisted Brawn.

"The team are very happy with the way Michael is contributing. If he were a rookie we surely would have asked ourselves if he has the capacity to advance. With Michael we know that he has," he added.

Brawn rubbished suggestions Schumacher is on the verge of returning to retirement, and also that he might instead switch to a management role for 2011.

"I have never talked to him about such an option," he answered.

"He is a very intelligent man with a balanced family life. I don't know if he really wants to do that to himself.

"As team principal you don't get the same adrenalin rush as when you are driving a car. What you get is a 10 to 12-hour working day and I am not sure if that would satisfy or motivate him," said Brawn.

There have also been rumblings of discontent within Mercedes and particularly between Brawn and Norbert Haug, but Brawn insisted he is not about to give up.

"Of course I will retire one day, but I want to step down when I'm successful and not in a situation like I'm facing now," he said.

"It's sad that such rumours always get around. But let's be clear -- none of us are happy with the performance this year, and of course Mercedes want to know how and when we will improve.

"But nobody needs to tell me that it is important to win. And probably we can still improve the relationship between Brackley and the Mercedes engine factory, but Mercedes is very open to all suggestions," continued Brawn.

"So at the moment there are no problems whatsoever. They will come if we are not able to improve in the future."

He was asked if 2011 is the deadline for Brawn and Schumacher.

"Next year would probably be too early (to give up)," said Brawn. "I like this team. We have gone through many things together. I would never leave the team in an unclear situation."

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