Tesla Roadster completed six-month globe-trotting journey in Paris on the eve of the motor show there. The all-electric Roadster used renewable energy to recharge the batteries whenever possible and was mostly recharged by using standard outlets.

A Tesla Roadster has finished its round-the-world journey and arrived in Paris in time for the auto show there that starts this weekend.

The globe-trotting journey took six months and was sponsored by Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer, which is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year.

The electric Roadster was driven by 26 year-old Tesla technician Luke McClure, accompanied by co-pilot and cameraman Vivien Floris who documented the extensive road trip online.

"After making history and meeting incredible people on three continents, it's going to be an interesting transition back to my day job," said McClure in a press release.

The TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster recharged whenever possible with renewable energy. But the car generally used standard power outlets to charge the batteries and continue on its journey.

The round-the-world trip took the Tesla Roadster to China, to visit the Great Wall, and India, where it was greeted by Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan. The voyage held stops in 16 major global cities including Budapest, where Nicola Tesla, the automaker's namesake, invented the alternating-current induction motor in 1882.


Tesla Roadster completes round the world journey