Fiat designers are looking to Mini as an example of keeping a retro-styled model fresh but faithful.

Fiat designers are in the process of creating the next-generation 500 and, according to Autocar, they will not be straying too far from the iconic model's current retro-flavored shape.

The Fiat 500 has been a very successful model for Fiat that will also shortly be making it's debut in the United States as Fiat returns to the U.S.-market several decades after it pulled out. But the model suffers from the inherent contradiction in all retro-styled cars such as the New Beetle and the Chrysler PT Cruiser (which has been discontinued). Namely, where to go next.

According to the Autocar report, Fiat designers are looking at MINI as an example of remaining faithful to a retro design while still taking the styling forward in small ways.

Fiat is hoping MINI isn't the only exception to the faltering of retro-styled models over the last decade.

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