CEO Alan Mulally says Ford needs to simplify its products and will reduce number of models offered. The aim is to bring it down to as few as 20.

Ford CEO Alan Mulally has said that he would like to see Ford's product lineup reduced to as few as only 20 nameplates.

Speaking at an event in London, before heading to Paris for the auto show there this weekend, Mulally said of the automaker's model lineup, "There will be less than 30, on our way to 20 to 25." He was responding to a question after addressing the Confederation of British Industry.

When Mulally took over as CEO of the Ford Motor Company in 2006, the company had 97 models across its collection of brands. Mulally already has done a lot of work streamlining the Detroit automaker's lineups by selling-off the Aston Martin, Land Rover, Jaguar and Volvo brands and killing-off Mercury. "Fewer brands means you can put more focus into improving the quality of engineering," Mulally said at the event.

Ford is also standardizing individual models across the globe, such as the Ford Fiesta, all of whose 10 global variants share about 65 percent of their components.

"It was absolutely clear that we had to simplify Ford dramatically," said Mulally.

Mulally didn't say which models Ford would discontinue.

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