No manual gearboxes for future RS models, though.

Porsche first offered its Weissach Package on the 918 Spyder supercar as a way to shed an additional 90.3 pounds (41 kilograms) off the already lightweight vehicle. The option is now available on the GT3 RS and GT2 RS to shed pounds off of them, and even more Porsches could be available with these modifications in the future.

"I won’t rule out some lightweight package will find its way to other model lines in the future," Andreas Preuninger, head of Porsche’s GT division, told Digital Trends. "We have nothing planned yet, we’re very busy; don’t expect to see the Cayenne Weissach next month."

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On the GT3 RS, the Weissach Package includes carbon fiber pieces for the roof panel, stabilizer bars, and suspension coupling rods. It also leaves the lightweight material visible on the hood, side mirrors, and rear wing. Inside, there's even more carbon fiber and lightweight carpets. For an additional $13,000, customers can add a set of magnesium wheels for saving an additional 25 pounds (11 kilograms).

The tweaks are similar on the GT2 RS where the Weissach Package sheds 66 pounds (30 kg).

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"A lot of the people who own these cars told us they wish to make them lighter, they want to incorporate more lightweight materials," Preuninger told Digital Trends. "This is our answer to this need, which is obviously very high."

According to Preuninger, over 90 percent of GT2 RS buyers get the Weissach Package, and the company estimates similar popularity on the GT3 RS. The demand is so high that Porsche now purchases 85 percent of the global supply of magnesium wheels.


Purists will likely be unhappy to learn that there won't be a manual gearbox available in future RS models. "Offering one would be technologically possible but we think with the Touring package and the available manual transmission in the normal GT3 we have it sorted in the correct way," Preuninger told Digital Trends. He estimates only 10 percent of customers would even want one. 

Source: Digital Trends

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