The debut of the Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 has ended in failure as the car crashed into a Corvette at the Nürburgring BF-Goodrich race.

The racing debut of the Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 didn't go as planned as the highly-prized race car was involved in an accident on the Nürburgring.

While details are limited, one of our spy photographers was at the race and saw everything happen. Apparently, just one minute into the race, Bernd Schneider lost control of the SLS and crashed into Christian Hohenadel's Corvette. This caused both cars to stop in the middle of the course, forcing competitors onto the grass. Unfortunately, Frank Stippler's Audi R8 LMS couldn't get over in time and he clipped the SLS and another Corvette (not Hohenadel's).

Despite the damage to the SLS, the pit crew was able to fix everything in a little more than four rounds. As luck would have it, the race was eventually called off after 3 hours and 8 minutes because there were too many crashes.

At the end of the day, Schneider's SLS finished 91st but our photographer contends, if it weren't for the accident, he would have had a podium finish.

Mercedes SLS GT3 AMG Crashes during Racing Debut [video]