$19,000, 695-hp RENNtech modification package available for CL and SL models

Nobody has suggested that the 612 horsepower Mercedes CL65 AMG is lacking for power, but that didn't stop RENNtech from seeking the next level nonetheless.  The high-end modifier today announced its "stage 3" tuning package for Mercedes' big AMG coupes and roadsters, which uses new ECU software and revised airflow to produce 695 horsepower and 890 ft-lb torque from the twin-turbo V12.  

The $18,990 MSRP for what RENNtech calls "PKG3" doesn't include installation, but does add a larger intercooler pump, carbon fiber airboxes and stainless steel sport mufflers that give it a much different sound from the stock AMG cars.  

RENNtech says the additional power and torque provide a "real, noticeable" improvement in the CL65 AMG's already stellar performance, which shouldn't come as a surprise.  

RENNtech CL 65 Gets Upgrade to 695hp