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[UPDATE, April 18] A spy video, albeit very short, has been attached above.

New spy shots provide the best look yet at the upcoming Mustang Shelby GT500. It now wears polkadot camouflage that looks deceptively childish given the performance that this muscle car should wield upon arrive on the scene.

The GT500 reportedly uses a supercharged version of the GT350's 5.2-liter V8 the extra boost should increase the 526-horsepower (392-kilowatt) output of the naturally aspirated variant to a figure making more than 700 hp (522 kW). These photos show the driver's hand wrapped around a manual gearshift, but other reports indicate that the dual-clutch gearbox from the Ford GT supercar might be an option, too.

Adding the supercharger will make the GT500 hungry for more air – both for dealing with the forced induction system's greater heat and for cramming into the cylinders to boost the output as much as possible. These photos reveal larger intakes in front for doing some of that work, and look closely at the bulging hood to notice the heat extractors.

These photos also show the GT500 with absolutely huge set of brakes. The rotors are massive, and the calipers are similarly huge to maximize stopping ability.

Suspension changes remain a mystery. However, the MagneRide dampers from the GT350 seems like a very likely inclusion – at least as an option.

Inside, the photos here suggest the GT500 would be largely identical to the existing GT350. The various wires hanging throughout the cabin and the tiny display on the center stack indicates that the engineers aren't done developing things yet. Still, the lack of any major camouflage, except on the center console, hints the changes might be mostly cosmetic.

Ford Mustang GT500 Teaser

Ford's earlier teaser (above) and vague statements hint that the GT500 would debut this year. The Blue Oval won't provide an exact date, yet.

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