Remember those super cute cars designed by kids we shared with your earlier this year? Well, this is basically how we imagine a car would look like if its engineered, designed and assembled by people not competent enough to do their job. Or, if the specialists change their job positions, just like Volvo’s employees did recently for a new funny video series, shared on YouTube.

So far, the Swedish manufacturer has released four episodes of the Volvo Cars Job Swap series, where it basically lets its workers swap jobs with each other, just as an interesting experiment. In the first two installments, Britta Gabriel, assembler of special vehicles at the brand, swaps her job with surface designer Anders Magnusson. Gabriel and Magnusson both live in Gothenburg with their families and have been working at Volvo for many years.

Basically, Gabriel takes the position of a surface designer and is given the task to create a new rim design for the recently launched XC40 crossover, using VR modeling tools. After a quick introduction, she starts working on the new wheels for the vehicle under the monitoring of the surface designer specialists.

In Episode 2, Magnusson, who admits he’s not used to physical labor, visits Gabriel’s workplace – the assembly lines in Torslanda, Sweden, where the brand new Volvos are produced. This is not just a regular assembly line, but one where the standard cars are modified into Volvo Special Vehicles, like police cars and taxis. After only two minutes, Magnusson says he’s done more physical labor than a full normal day at his office.

In the other two episodes released so far, Ivan Verwulgen, an auditor of cars at Volvo, swaps his job with Sveb Vanden Eeden, a weldmaster. The two live in Belgium and work at Volvo’s Ghent plant.

Source: Volvo on YouTube

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