Remember when we showed you what happens when you shift a modern vehicle with automatic transmission into Reverse? Well, aside from the activated parking camera and sensors, nothing really spectacular happened – no explosions or flying gears. Today we bring you another similar video, involving another Ford, but this time it’s an old Ranger pickup with a manual gearbox. And there’s much more to see.

The folks over at Cars Daily YouTube channel say they wanted to show the world what would really happen if you put a car in reverse while driving, with no safety features on the gearbox. And, indeed, you can see the Ranger going at about 40 miles per hour (64 kilometers per hour) when the driver makes his first attempt to shift into Reverse.

Don't Shift Your Car Into Reverse While Driving Forward:

Apparently, that’s not an easy job as the transmission is simply refusing to destroy itself. However, once the engine and transmission speeds are leveled up, the Ranger keeps moving forward with engaged Reverse gear, spinning its rear wheels in an opposite direction to the vehicle’s movement.

Eventually, it gets to a complete stop and the rear wheels gain traction. That’s the moment when the truck finally starts to move backwards with smoking rear tires. One second later, 1st gear is engaged again at full throttle and the Ranger is moving forwards.

Honestly, we are quite surprised to see nothing really bad happened to the vehicle, at least from what is visible on the video. Again, no gears are flying from the engine compartment and the worst damage is probably taken by the rear tires. Of course, if you do it again and again, the transmission will soon simply stop working, but, needless to say, our advice is not to ever try this with your car.

Source: Cars Daily on YouTube

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