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The Mercedes-AMG S63 and the BMW M760i featured in this video are both fullsize luxury sedans, but that’s where the similarities between the two end. The one from Daimler has a rear-wheel drive layout while the Bavarian model is an xDrive-equipped luxobarge. Why didn’t Carwow simply get the 4Matic version of the S63? Simple, because for some reason Mercedes-AMG is not selling the all-paw model in the United Kingdom.

Another major difference between the two is noticeable once you open their big and imposing hoods. The S63 has a V8 engine whereas the M760 has an extra four cylinders arranged in the same “V” layout. Another valid question some would also ask: Why not get the V12-powered S65 instead? The answer would have to be because there wasn’t one available in the press fleet at that moment, according to Carwow.

Looking at the spec sheets of both cars, there’s also the crucial matter of weight to take into consideration, with the BMW being roughly 200 kilograms (441 pounds) heavier than the tail-happy Merc.

Taking into account these three major differences, does it really make sense to organize a drag race between the two? Probably not. Is it fun to watch the two duel? Definitely.

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In the drag race, the M760 had the edge thanks to its better traction at the start provided by the xDrive system and ultimately took the win, but it was a very close race. The BMW completed the quarter mile in 11.3 seconds whereas the Mercedes was just two tenths of a second slower.

It was a different outcome in a rolling race from 50 mph (80 kph) because the difference between two- and all-wheel drive was less important. It was neck and neck in the beginning, but the S63 eventually managed to pull ahead to even the score.

The decider was a brake test. With the BMW being considerably heavier than the Mercedes, you’d be tempted to say it lost that duel. However, either it has more efficient brakes or the driver’s response was just a bit better than Mat Watson’s in the S63, the M760i triumphed to take the overall win: 2-1.

We’re sure some BMW fans will say the result is even more impressive when you take into account that while the S63 is a bona fide AMG car, the M760i is “only” an M Performance model, not a fully fledged M car.

Video: Carwow / YouTube

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Photo by: Jake Holmes
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