Nissan GT-R Spec V: Performance Secrets Revealed In A Leaked Brochure, Plus Pics

We’ve all heard rumours of a Spec V version of R35 Godzilla, known to many as the Nissan GT-R. Best Car has now rendered the car, based on leaked inside into from Nissan.

Spec V is the superformance version of an already pumped up sports car. By using several techniques even more performance can be wringed out of the GT-R. Of utmost vitality is that the car goes through a weight-loss programme, which means it may lose up to 100kg, which is the equivalent of a fully grown adult male of average weight. “Lose the man, lose the milliseconds” is Spec V thought.

Typically extra revisions include improved suspension, advanced roll cage and a reprogrammed all-wheel-drive system, named ATTESA-ETS. Power is said to be up to 382kW/ 512 bhp, coupled with an all-carbon fiber body, should make the Spec V not only quick as far more expensive super cars, but only handle even better than its Clark Kent self around challenging places like the Nurburgring. Steering should also be more direct.

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