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We’ve already seen the hardcore i30 N in the sheet metal; the hot hatchback produces 275 horsepower (205 kilowatts) and 260 pound-feet (352 Newton-meters) of torque, and promises to be more fun than a VW GTI. But those that aren’t willing to shell out the extra cash for a full-blown i30 N when it goes on sale this summer will still be able to pick up a warmed-over N-Line model.

The latest set of spy photos show the i30 N-Line testing for the first time, hiding a number of new design cues underneath a limited amount of camouflage. The front fascia is well hidden, likely covering up a new grille, some added LED lighting fixtures, and a few accenting pieces to help distinguish the N-Line trim over the standard model.


While the grille may be covered up, we can still make out a few new styling elements elsewhere. Most noticeably visible are red accent details on the rear bumper, larger side skirts, new wheels, and a single exhaust tip where the N model typically has two. The interior is expected to get a similar subtle but sporty makeover in line with the exterior of the car.

Hyundai i30 N-Line Spy Photos
Hyundai i30 N-Line Spy Photos

Power for the i30 N-Line remains a mystery, but don’t expect the output to be as robust as the full-on N model. The standard i30 comes powered by either a 1.0-liter three-cylinder turbocharged engine producing 118 hp (87 kW), or a punchier 1.4-liter four-cylinder unit pumping out 138 hp (102 kW). Here’s hoping the N-Line has a bit more power, potentially near the 200 hp (149 kW) mark.

The hardcore Hyundai i30 N will go on sale in Europe and other markets outside the U.S. later this month, but no word on when the N-Line will be available. Buyers in the U.S. won’t be able to get their hands on the i30 range, unfortunately, but the new Veloster matches its performance with a 275-hp N model, scheduled to go on sale towards the end of 2018.

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Gallery: Hyundai i30 N-Line Spy Photos

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