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The latest episode of Jay Leno’s Garage introduces the show’s audience on YouTube to what could be the ultimate tractor. Yes, Leno is reviewing a tractor this time and not just any tractor, but the mighty Case IH Quadtrac – a real beast on wheels. Well, sort of.

The Quadtrac is part of a family of large tractors produced by Case, which feature all-wheel drive and three frame sizes. The machine from the video is powered by a six-cylinder 12.9-liter common rail diesel engine with a two-stage turbo, delivering “the highest output in its class.” It is mated to a 16-speed dependable full powershift transmission, which allows the tractor to travel at speeds of up to 23 miles per hour (37 kilometers per hour) when on the road.

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But probably the best part of the tractor’s powertrain is the independent four-track layout. It features a unique design which eliminates slippage between drive wheel and track, and makes the tractor surprisingly smooth and quiet when driving on asphalt without vibrations. It also ensures a turning radius of only 165 inches (4.2 meters) despite the machine’s impressive size. Hydraulic disc brakes in the axles provide the stopping power.

Case IH Quadtrac tractor
Case IH Quadtrac tractor

Case claims the Quadtrac benefits from the largest cabin in the industry with all-around 360-degree visibility. The cabin itself and the driver’s seat have their own suspension systems to provide “a luxuriously smooth ride,” and if you go for the optional leather seat you’ll also get heating and ventilation functions. The noise levels in the cabin are extremely low at 68 dB (A), which basically equals to the noise you get in a premium sedan at 81 mph (130 kph). An A-pillar instrument display, automatic climate control, and a touchscreen display for the tractor’s functions are part of the standard equipment.

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