This C300 4Matic is now back on the roads following 10 days of work.’s favorite repairman Arthur Tussik had a lot on its plate recently when a heavily damaged Mercedes C-Class arrived at his shop. Judging by the “before” images attached below, the C300 must’ve been involved in a nasty crash as the front end was destroyed up to the point you couldn’t even tell what sort of car you were looking at. Not only that, but the rear-right fender and door also had to suffer upon impact, which also triggered the side airbags.

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But Arthur was up to the challenge and was anxious to get to work and bring the C-Class back into shape. First order of business? Getting rid of the hood and other bits and pieces at the front that were beyond repair. The tricky part was to pull the bent frame rails and restore them to their original position. Lots of measurements – including using lasers - were necessary to make sure that everything was aligned before the welding process began.

Moving towards the rear of the car, the damaged door had to be taken off in order to work on the wheel arch. That one too proved to be a time-consuming process, and after putting back the repaired door, Arthur noticed a small gap he had to fix. He then assembled the car to see if everything would fit before sending it to the paint shop. The once damaged parts either repaired or replaced were taken down and then the car a fresh coat of paint.

Wrecked Mercedes C300 gets repaired
Wrecked Mercedes C300 gets repaired

All that was left to do was to put everything back together to restore the all-wheel-drive Mercedes to its formerly glory. Like magic, the C-Class lives to see another day on the road thanks to the handy Russian repairman after working five days to fix the body and then sending it to the paint shop for another five days.

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