As exciting as it was to have a Ferrari racing in Formula Drift finally, that excitement was, sadly, short-lived. The twin-supercharged V12 Ferrari 599 and all its 900 horsepower didn’t escape its debut appearance unscathed. Instead, things went south quickly. During its debut, the car went from drifty and fun to fire and smoke. Thankfully, no one was injured.

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The accident happened during the first round of the first race of Formula Drift’s season opener with Federico Sceriffo behind the wheel. For Formula Drift newbies, each round has two runs – the cars switching lead and follower positions. During the first run, Sceriffo hit his competitor Chelsea DeNofa into the tires. On the second run, Sceriffo’s Ferrari went into the turn’s runoff area where the car caught fire. It appears Sceriffo didn’t have full control of the Ferrari

Sceriffo quickly escaped from the car as the fire spread, engulfing much of the front end. In the video, you can see black smoke filling the sky above the track. You can see Sceriffo enter the passenger side of the car, attempting to retrieve the car’s onboard fire extinguisher, but he gives up, waiting for the safety crew arrives to put out the fire.


Yes, you can make a joke about a twin-supercharged Ferrari 599 making 900 horsepower going up in flames. However, it appears that a knuckle broke on the car, pinching and severing a fuel line, which then led to the fire. If you observe the video, you can see the fire spreading as the fuel washes down the track. It’s clearer on the other side of the track wall. It appears his contact with DeNofa resulted in the damaged knuckle. 

It’s not clear if the Ferrari will return. The team did have success in testing, demonstrations, and qualifying. It was also great just watching a Ferrari drift with smoke billowing from the tires.

Source: Network A Twitter via Jalopnik

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