Speculation and rumors for Lamborghini's Paris debut are colliding. 

According to Autoguide.com Lamborghini will be unveiling a technology "demonstrator" concept vehicle which could loosely preview a future model, or at a minimum, feature future design and technology. The concept will focus on carbon fiber construction and feature a V10 engine as hinted by the released teaser images (see top page photo). 

This falls in contrast to a previous report from 0-60 magazine who divulged the agenda of a U.S. Lamborghini dealer's meeting.  The agenda included the unveiling of the Lamborghini LB715-5 and the Lamborghini 83X, a potential Gallardo replacement. The LB715-5, if you can believe that name, will have a V12 engine.

Lamborghini has already released several teaser images of the mystery vehicle with an emphasis on the future.  Whether they mean future model or future technology is unknown at the moment.  But it seem we have two different stories in motion unrelated to each other.

As the Paris Motor Show counts down, the biggest question now is, when can we see it?  In seven days.

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