New engine improves fuel efficiency by 10 percent and features more torque than its predecessor.

Subaru has developed the third-generation of its 2.0 liter, 4-cylinder Boxer engine which will be fitted into future Subaru models.

The newly developed version of the horizontally-opposed engine features new bore and stroke dimensions (84 x 90 mm compared to the previous 92 x 75 mm), for improved combustion. The new engine achieves a 10 percent improvement in fuel efficiency compared to its predecessor.

The 2.0 liter Boxer still makes 109kW (148 PS / 146 bhp) but gets more torque - now 196 Nm compared to 191 Nm for the earlier generation.

As compared to V-shaped or inline configurations, a horizontally-opposed engine can sit lower in the engine bay, making for a lower center of gravity for the car which improves safety and performance. A horizontally-opposed engine also balances vibrations from pistons on the left and right side of the motor, canceling each other out and reducing vibration and noise.

The new Boxer engine will make its debut in the Forester model.

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