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Like it or not, Bugatti has no plans to chop off the roof of the mighty Chiron supercar. Back in July 2016, the company, through the voice of its marketing boss, Stefan Brungs, announced the Veyron’s successor won’t serve as a foundation for a convertible or a roadster. Get used to it.

But, hey – that doesn’t mean we can’t imagine a Chiron Roadster, right? Thanks to our exclusive rendering attached here, you can now take a virtual look at what could have been the ultimate convertible supercar.


You don’t have to be a design professor to figure out the recipe for such a car. You just have to take off the roof, make some additional changes to the car’s construction to ensure it still has a good torsional resistance, and make enough room for the folded roof to hide somewhere in the body. This is what our artists have virtually done to this yellow Chiron, which now has a sexy targa roof layout.

While a Chiron Roadster is virtually impossible at the moment, Bugatti has another hot version of its supercar that was revealed earlier this year during the Geneva Motor Show. The Chiron Sport features a stiffer suspension, a dynamic torque vectoring function distributing torque individually to each single wheel, and new carbon fiber wheels and intercooler cover, which shave off 40 pounds (18 kilograms) from the car’s total weight.

These improvements are combined with a new and lighter exhaust system and, for the first time in a production vehicle, a carbon fiber windscreen wiper, which saves up to 77 percent of the weight of a conventional wiper. Despite the lack of power boost, the Chiron Sport is actually much faster than the “standard” Chiron on track, Bugatti claims.

Last year, the French automaker delivered a total of 70 Chirons to customers and is planning to produce up to 100 units in 2018.

Rendering: Automedia

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