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It’s time for drag races again. This time, we bring you a rather unusual duel – a 12-cylinder luxury limousine versus a high-performance sports coupe. Answering a question literally nobody was asking, the folks over at put against each other a BMW M4 Competition pack and a BMW M760Li xDrive. In BMW language, it is a race between the most powerful and fastest production model of the brand and the successor of its legendary M3 coupe.

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I know, I know – you’ll figure out the winner of this race by just reading the specifications of the two cars, but you’ll be surprised to see how small the gap actually is. On the left side is the M4 with its 444 horsepower (331 kilowatts) and approximately 3,307 pounds (1,500 kilgorams), while on the right is the M760Li xDrive with 600 hp (448 kW), about 4,630 lbs (2,100 kg), and all-wheel drive. It’s also worth mentioning that the 7 Series had three people on board – one at the wheel, one at the back, and another one at the front with a camera.

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As we mentioned, it’s a pretty close battle, but nothing can beat a monstrous V12 – even the light and fast M4 Coupe, despite its amazing levels of traction. Speaking of traction, it was the main factor that helped this very same M4 to outrun the Mercedes-AMG C63 S Coupe in a previous drag race at the Killarney International Raceway in Cape Town, South Africa. Simply put, in its own class, the M4 Competition Package is one of the quickest cars (if not the quickest), but it doesn’t stand a chance against a V12 biturbo sedan.

As for the M760, we’ve seen it drag racing against a relatively humble Skoda Superb 280 and, more recently, going against Ducati’s hardcore Panigale V4 S superbike. Unfortunately, BMW’s most expensive model today could be discontinued in Europe because of the new and more stringent WLTP emissions regulations.

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