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The designers at Japan's Liberty Walk do not believe in subtlety. The company's body kits always include cartoonishly large fender extensions. They generally include elements like big front intakes and large wings, too. The firm doesn't leave any of these elements out of its line of components for the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ.

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There's no way to be stealthy when behind the wheel of an 86 or BRZ with this kit. The components include a massive front splitter that juts out from the front and looks incredibly easy to scrape on even the slightest bump. A wide intake sits right above it. 

Bulbous fenders dominate the vehicle's three-quarters perspective. The downward sloping design would appear to limit fitting wide wheels into the wells, rather than make it easier, though. Liberty Walk doesn't appear to touch the coupe's side sills, which makes the flares look even larger.

At the rear, Liberty Walk shows the 86 and BRZ off with two wings. One of them has a high-rise design that takes inspiration from motorsports. The other choice is a ducktail unit that seems just a little more subtle, though not by much.

Liberty Walk accents the kit with a set of ultra-wide wheels. They feature five pairs of forked spokes with a matte finish and gloss rims. Depending on your style, the center cap either features a metallic red Japanese flag or an understated matte black Liberty Walk emblem.


A translation of the Japanese portion of the info above seems to indicate the body kit and wheels would be available in July. It's just in time to get the parts installed and then show the extreme look off on the street.

Instead of getting this kit, patient buyers can buy a new generation of the BRZ and 86 that reportedly arrive around 2021. They allegedly adopt a 2.4-liter boxer four-cylinder to replace the existing 2.0-liter engine, and the revisions would also include a lower center of gravity. At least the Subaru version would have the company's EyeSight suite of driver assistance tech, too. 

Source: Liberty Walk via Facebook

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