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Mercedes is continuing the online YouTube series of easily-digestible top five videos. This time, the automaker picked five of the company’s best stunts from over the years to highlight. The newest video joins other top-five Mercedes creations such as the brand’s top-five luxury cars, its top-five convertibles of all time, and the five must-have Mercedes-AMG features. The latest best-of list looks back at some of the brands more interesting stunt history.

Coming in at the number five spot is a Mercedes racing a parkour runner racing a radio-controlled toy car. Naturally, the Mercedes crosses the finish line first, or it wouldn’t be a Mercedes-approved stunt. Number four on the list is when three six-person teams took turns driving a Mercedes E-Class the distance of 100,000 miles. It took the team 30 days of continually driving to reach that distance.

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Number three involves Hollywood stuntman Damien Walters when he crawled out of the window of a drifting Mercedes and leaped out of the vehicle onto a dangling rope. He then landed back on top of the Mercedes and climbed back into the passenger window. Number two on the has racing legend David Coulthard behind the wheel of a Mercedes-AMG SLS Roadster. Coulthard used the car to catch a golf ball hit off the club off golf-pro Jake Shepherd.

And the number one stunt? Well, it’s not included in the list. It’s a separate video with Paul Wallace from Supercars of London attempting to complete a two-mile drift on ice. You can watch that video here.

If Mercedes continues its top-five video series, what would you like to see? We're still hoping for some more AMG videos, but then again we're biased. We'd be happy with top-five Mercedes wagons of all time. 

Source: Mercedes-Benz via YouTube

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