Kia’s recently introduced all-new 2019 K900 gets a standard all-wheel drive and that’s not a big surprise. Customers in the (near) premium segment are increasingly searching for the increased grip an AWD system provides and this might motivate the South Korean manufacturer to launch 4x4 versions of some of its most popular models when their next generations arrive.

Take the Sedona MPV, for example. It was just refreshed and its current platform is not really suitable for an AWD system, but once the next generation is on the drawing table, the automaker would seriously consider giving it an optional grippy AWD layout.

“It’s a platform tear out,” Orth Hedrick, Kia’s North American Product Planner, told CarBuzz in a recent interview. “You’d have to completely change everything underneath the car. It’ll be a next generation thing because the floor pan and the rear suspension has to be completely redesigned - it’s a major tear up. “

And while Hedrick admits that “once you put all-wheel drive on a minivan, it’s getting really close to a crossover,” making it a tough sell, the midsize sedan segment customers are more and more asking for an AWD setup. “We’re actively studying it for. We look at everything,” Hedrick adds.

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But if there’s one vehicle from Kia’s current lineup that undeniably needs all-wheel drive, that’s definitely the Niro crossover. Hedrick admits to the online publication the manufacturer is studying such an option and the engineers “are working on something.” While there’s “nothing to announce” at the moment, a Niro AWD is something Kia “would like.”

This is not the only planned expansion of the brand’s model family, as it is also reportedly considering new more powerful and luxurious variants of the beautiful Stinger sedan. Additional powertrain options, colors, and “other stuff” are also in the cards.

Source: CarBuzz

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