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While the screens inside our cars are getting bigger and bigger, the number of physical buttons is decreasing. A relevant and recent example would have to be the massive 15-inch display of the new Touareg, which has allowed VW to eliminate most of the conventional controls on the center console. At Infiniti, the progress it’s making as far as the infotainment system is concerned follows the trend as Nissan’s premium brand has revealed plans to upsize its screens.

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Speaking with GoAuto at the Australian launch of the updated QX80, Infiniti’s product strategy vice-president, Francois Bancon, announced plans for an all-new infotainment system slated to come out with next-gen cars from 2021. A promise has been made to increase the size of the main display on the center console to create a “full-touch control” arrangement on the same screen. That could mean the current dual display setup could merge into a single, giant screen with a virtual divider separating the functions.

The reason why the new infotainment system won’t be out very soon is “because it’s not a small change,” according to Bancon. Meanwhile, the current setup will get Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integration in 2019 when Internet connectivity will also be implemented. The dual screens will stick around until the arrival of the next-gen setup, but with crisper graphics as a result of boosting resolution following an increase in the size of the display.

For those willing to wait for the brand new infotainment, the promised 2021 launch means we’ll get to see it on the next generation of the Q50, Q60, and Q70 models, which are all set to make the transition towards a new electrified all-wheel-drive platform. The first of the bunch to come out is probably the Q70 since it’s the oldest of the three, having been around since 2011 when the fourth-gen M came out before switching to the Q70 moniker a couple of years later.

Source: GoAuto

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