BMW’s hottest product right now, the new M5, is being featured in a new ad showing a mom eager to get back home to her son after a hard day’s work. Once the clock hits 5 PM, she hopes into her shiny new M5 loaded with optional M Performance goodies, but not before admiring the high-performance sedan for a brief moment after taking off her snazzy M-branded sunglasses. Heck, even the “MOMS M5” license plate holder is “Powered by M.”

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Her kid is patiently waiting at the family’s modern home playing with a rather cool E60 M5 toy car. The mom tackles the urban jungle on her way back and somehow ends up on a race track for a short while after taking a detour. It’s the perfect opportunity to showcase the tail-happy capabilities of the new M5 as although it now has xDrive for the first time ever, there’s a magic setting engineered by BMW that will instantly turn the speedy sedan into a pure RWD machine.

The video gets even more interesting towards the end when she finally arrives at home as for a brief moment we get to see a lovely E39 M5 resting in the garage. As you probably have guessed by now after checking out the license plate, that’s obviously dad’s car.

With all three being owners of M5s (in different sizes), it’s safe to say the family has great tastes in cars and we’re sure the kid is eagerly waiting to grow up and get his driver’s license in order to get behind the wheel of either of the two M5s. As for us, we’d definitely first climb into the driver’s seat of the E39-gen model.

Video: BMW

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