Amid a sea of Porsches is a Ferrari Daytona and an Aston Martin DB4 lightweight, among other amazing rides.

Mention car dealership to the average person, and the initial thought generally isn’t a good one. Between pushy sales staff, overbearing sales managers, and all the fine-print just to get a simple price on a car, well, there’s a reason the nickname stealership is such a popular reference. This dealership doesn’t seem like that at all – for starters you won’t be haggling of the price of a new SUV. Negotiating over a freaking vintage Ferrari Daytona, however, is entirely in the realm of possibility.

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The dealership is called Hexagon Modern Classics, and Carfection on YouTube recently stopped by for the full tour. The man with his hands on all these special rides is Paul Michaels, and if we were to see him on the street we’d have no idea his automotive tastes – and acquisitions – were so extensive. Walking around the small showroom in a basic shirt and blue jeans, Michaels narrates stories on some of the cars as if they were common hatchbacks.

Hexagon Modern Classics Dealership
Hexagon Modern Classics Dealership

That’s not a bad thing by any means. In fact it’s terrifically refreshing to see a guy who simply loves cars talking about them. It’s just that he’s talking about classic Ferraris and Aston Martins – one of which is a DB4 GT lightweight once driven by Stirling Moss – in the most casual manner. Some of the cars like the DB4 are part of Michaels’ personal collection. Most are up for sale, including a beautiful Porsche 911 Sport Classic that was recently sold but still on display.

Hexagon Modern Classics Dealership
Hexagon Modern Classics Dealership

There are all kinds of 911s at this dealership in fact, and many of them are the 997 series. According to the video, Michaels believes the 997 will become a sought-after generation in much the same way as the 993 is currently revered as the last of the air-cooled 911s. His reasoning is that the 997 is the final series before Volkswagen got involved, and honestly, it does make some sense.

Mixed in with the cars is a nice collection of car guy memorabilia like old gas cans, artwork, and a very impressive Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing sculpture made entirely of teak. All in all it looks like a very nice dealership in which we’d be happy to haggle prices all day long.

Source:  Carfection via YouTube

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