The only real thing we can deduce from these images is that its debut is on hand, with out guess being the Geneva Motor Show next month.

Reveals exactly nothing

Normally we get very excited about brochures leaking to a forum somewhere on the web, but this one is different. Sure the VW Scirocco is big news, but the images that have managed to escape the watchful eyes of its publisher are bad quality, low resolution and show nothing we didn't know already.

The only thing we can deduce from these images is that the car's debut is on hand, most likely the Geneva Motor Show next month. The Scirocco will be available in both front-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive, use a DSG transmission and powered by both diesel and petrol engines ranging between 138 hp to 197 hp. Enthusiasts are hoping for a range topping version using the Golf R32's V6 engine but a light-weight R20 seems more likely, only time will tell which one it will be.

The last VW Scirocco dates back to 1974 and was reinvented as the Iroc Concept at the 2006 Paris Motor show. The US will not be seeing the new Scirocco since US Chief Stefan Jacoby has said already that VW will focus on the new Golf and Tiguan rather than a niche car like the Scirocco.

Volkswagen Scirocco Brochure Leaked