A video of a recent crash on the Nürburgring shows an incident that looks so violent that it's amazing that the drivers aren't hurt, let alone able to walk away from the scene. It's a testament to the safety of modern vehicles, especially the Mercedes-Benz A-Class in this horrifying incident. 

These guys are in bad shape even as the video begins. Look very closely to see that the Mercedes enters this corner already on its roof and doing an impressive cartwheel. The hatchback then lightly bounces off the wall and comes to a stop on the wheels. White smoke pours from the front end.

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Then, something shocking happens. Both front doors open, and the occupants hustle across the track. The passenger appears to be in the worst shape. He immediately leans over the wall and appears to vomit. After such a wild ride, it's hard not to feel sorry for the guy.

The driver appears to be in better shape. He doesn't appear nearly as scared as the passenger. Maybe's he's just in shock, though.

Hauling the vehicle away provides a better look at the considerable damage. The front bumper and fascia are gone. The windshield is partially caved into the passenger compartment, and the sunroof is completely absent. The paint on the roof has serious scrapes. The passenger side C-pillar, and taillights, plus the rear glass, suffer major damage, too. Given this level of destruction, it's hard to imagine repairs bringing the A-Class back to the road. This hatchback looks ready for the junkyard. 

After such a terrifying experience, we suspect the driver might not be back at the Nürburgring very soon. Maybe it would be better for him to drive the track in Forza Motorsport, Gran Turismo, or Project Cars for the time being because the consequences of crashing aren't as potentially life threatening.

Source: Auto Addiction via YouTube

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