Check out the first interior shots of the Chevy Aveo, Captiva, Cruze and Orlando. Find out more about them inside.

Videos of four new Chevy models set for launch at the Paris Motor Show display the interiors of those vehicles for the first time.  The videos, all roughly a minute long, have been built mainly from still images, but do use some live action shots.

The interior of the Chevrolet Aveo features a large digital display, behind a multifunction steering wheel, attached to a tachometer.  The cabin looks busy, but functional, with more features than you would expect to see on most entry-level cars.

With a rock climber plunking around in the background, the Chevrolet Captiva is being positioned as a more rugged vehicle.  It has a dark metallic and carbon fiber trim, and a four-point multifunction steering wheel, but the rest is pretty conventional.  Pics indicate an analogue auxiliary audio jack, Bluetooth and a touchscreen.  It also has fold-flat second and third row seats, optionally available in leather, with dual sliding doors.

Meanwhile, the five-door Chevrolet Cruze uses a contrasting two-tone interior likely meant to seem "original" and "youthful."  It has an infotainment unit plunked into the center, and a wealth of controls easily accessible by both the driver and passenger.  However, the younger customers looking more for a basic car may be disappointed by the car's steering wheel, which is hopefully not a reflection of limited functionality.

Lastly, the Chevrolet Orlando also has a two-toned interior, but its light coloring is more relaxed.  It too features two rows of fold-flad seating, as well as an infotainment unit with hidden space behind the music controls.  This is where the auxiliary jack is placed, and is where the driver could store an mp3 player.  However, it's bulky display cluster gives the interior a bit of a clunky look.

The Chevy Aveo, Captiva, Cruze and Orlando will be shown off at the end of the month in Paris.

Chevrolet reveals interiors for Orlando, Cruze Hatchback, Captiva & Aveo [videos]