Obviously, don’t try this at home – or on the highway.

Speeding on a public road is dangerous, deadly, and irresponsible. In the blink of an eye things can go wrong, not only putting the life of the driver in jeopardy but also the lives of innocent bystanders and other drivers on the road. All too often, high speed crashes occur when police decide to pursue a speeding vehicle. In Colorado, the Colorado State Police’s decision to end a chase of a speed, older Ford Mustang was more about safety than the Mustang outrunning the police.

“They tried to catch up. They weren’t doing it,” Colorado State Police spokesman Gary Cooper told the Denver Post. “They couldn’t get close enough.” Troopers were even unable read the car’s license plate.

The chase took place early Friday about 170 miles west of Denver. The driver of an older, unidentifiable dark-colored Mustang, was clocked going 140 miles per hour on Interstate 70. When troopers tried to pursue the car, the Mustang’s driver sped up to 150 mph.

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“It’s extremely reckless, especially with people who haven’t been trained to drive at those speeds,” Cooper told the publication. “I’ve seen a deer total a car before.”

The stretch of road where the pursuit took place is considered generally straighter and flatter, which makes the road particularly deadly as people tend to speed up when in that section of I-70. The section where the Mustang was caught speeding is one of the deadliest sections of I-70 west of Denver.

This Mustang driver got off lucky. The driver could have easily crashed, killing or injuring not only himself but others as well. And don’t even think of trying this the next time you see the red and blue flashing lights in the rearview mirror. Police will often fall back while radioing the description of your vehicle to officers waiting ahead of you. You’ll get caught, pay hefty fines, and likely lose your license. Granted, you may even lose your life.

Source: Denver Post via Detroit Free Press

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