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No amount of praise can save sedans from to onslaught of the SUV’s dominance. Sedan sales across the industry, from entry-level offerings to luxury models, are suffering as consumers opt for higher ride heights and faux off-road capabilities. Not even one of America’s best-selling sedans can escape. Honda, amid slow sales of its 2018 Accord, will halt production at its Marysville, Ohio plant for 11 days over the next four months, according to Automotive News.


“We're adjusting production at our automotive facilities regularly, up and down,” a spokesman told the publication. “This is just really business as usual and we're adjusting production down to match the market condition at this moment.”

The 11 days won’t happen all at once. From this month through June, production workers will take two days off a month. Workers will also have a five-day extension of the plant’s annual shutdown in July. Workers who still want to work those days of halted production can work nonproduction jobs such as maintenance. Workers can also take the days as unpaid time off or take vacation days.

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"I want to stress this," the spokesman said Automotive News. "If they want to come in and work, there will work for them available on the nonproduction days."

Slow sales mean Honda had a 104-day supply of Accords as of March 1, which is higher than the industry average of a 70-day supply of vehicles. While sales are slowing, the Accord is still selling in high numbers compared to the competition. In 2017, Honda sold 322,655 Accords in the U.S., down from 2016’s 345,225 examples sold. However, Accord sales are down year-over-year through the first two months of 2018. Through February 2018, sales are down more than 5,000, selling 37,420 Accord units. Through the same period in 2017, Honda sold 42,991 Accords.

Honda’s Marysville plant also produces the Acura ILX compact sedan and TLX midsize sedan.

Source: Automotive News

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