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Back in September 2017 when BMW was teasing the road-going version of the X2, pre-production prototypes (see below) of the crossover-coupe were roaming the streets of Milan in Italy while being clad in a so-called Digital Camo. If you enjoyed that special look, you will be happy to hear the stylish CUV can be ordered starting today, April 1, with the unique finish turning the X2 into an even more of an attention grabber.

Offered as an alternative to the numerous paint schemes available for the X2, the new Digital Camo is a multicolored matte wrap with an asymmetrical pattern applied all over the body. It combines dark, grey, and light colors with the striking Galvanic Gold predominantly featured during the model’s official launch.

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Speaking of the crossover’s launch color, the BMW X2 with Digital Camo follows the matching sneakers created by Munich-based Vor with the same shiny gold. While the swanky sneakers were only a limited edition available for a limited amount of time, the new look-at-me finish for the crossover can be ordered as a regular original BMW accessory from now on. Should you want your high-riding BMW to look like this, you’ll have to patiently wait as the company mentions it takes about four days to apply the wrap.

Pricing details have not been disclosed, but the good news is BMW is now taking orders and you can get in touch with them to learn about how much the Digital Camo costs. Go for the M Sport or M Sport X version of the X2 and the glossy add-on parts at the front and rear of the crossover won’t be covered in the special camouflage, while all of the Frozen Grey details will remain visible as well.

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Exclusive Original BMW Accessory for the BMW X2.

Camouflage wrapping for the Sports Activity Coupé makes for a polarising appearance.

Munich. With an unmistakable design, a cool appearance and sporty urban genes, the new BMW X2 (combined fuel consumption: 6.2-4.5 l/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 142–119 g/km)* makes a self-assured statement in its category and within the BMW X model family. Now the Sports Activity Coupé goes a step further as it follows an especially distinctive fashionable trend: from now on the spectrum of paint finishes for the BMW X2 is extended to include an additional colouring as part of the range of Original BMW Accessories – the "Digital Camo" wrapping. This is a full-coverage multicoloured matt wrapping in digital camouflage look which especially lends further emphasis to the athletic proportions of the BMW X2. The asymmetrical pattern made up of dark, grey and light colour areas deliberate echoes the exterior paint finish Galvanic Gold which caused such a stir at the presentation of the new model. In this colour finish the BMW X2 boldly reflects an extrovert lifestyle; at the same time the wrapping protects the vehicle from damage caused by stone chip.

One particularly effective feature of this striking appearance is the visual integration of the headlights. The classic dual circular elements of the LED daytime driving light and the fog lamps peer out of the camouflage like the eyes of a hunting predator. In combination with wheel arches that give an even more flared impression, this makes for an overall profile that is very powerful. The BMW X2 appears to be ready to pounce at any time.

The limited BMW X2 sneakers developed in collaboration with the shoe manufacturer VOR already provided an opportunity to display individual style. The wrapping now available exclusively for the compact Sports Activity Coupé is perfect all those enterprising enough to strike out on a new path with the BMW X2.

From prototype camouflage to sought-after equipment detail. 
The camouflage wrapping intentionally echoes the colouring of the pre-series prototypes. Even before the model's market launch, these prototypes attracted a lot of attention during test runs on public roads and later at the Fashion Week in Milan. The manufacturer and dealerships received increasing numbers of requests for this charismatic vehicle in precisely this colouring. A dedicated community was even established on social media. Now the wrapping "Digital Camo" is available exclusively for the BMW X2 as an Original BMW Accessory, independent of other equipment features.

M Sport and M Sport X details are not affected. 
In the equipment lines M Sport and M Sport X, the specific characteristic details are not affected: the wrapping does not cover the high-gloss attachment parts at the front and rear and the details in Frozen Grey. A first model displaying the new powerful appearance was presented to the public on 17 March at the launch of the BMW X2 held at the BMW sales subsidiary in Fröttmaning, Munich.

The "Digital Camo" wrapping can be applied within four days. Prices and availability upon request.

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