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Pagani, the bespoke Italian automaker, is issuing a recall that has to do with starting the car and keeping it running. This will likely upset the hoard of owners in the U.S. who drive their Pagani daily – taking the kids to school and picking up groceries. Not really. The recall affects just 16 examples of the 2017 Huayra BC Coupe and Roadster total.

The problem is with the battery management software, which the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says may prevent the battery from providing enough power to start the car or keep the car running at idle. Such an issue could be dangerous, if not deadly, in the wrong situation.


To fix the problem, Pagani will replace the battery with a new one that has a new non-stalling battery management software. The fix is offered free of charge, obviously. However, Pagani has not yet provided a schedule as to when it will have the fix available.

Considering the intricacy of Pagani automobiles, and the small numbers they’re produced in, this isn’t a massively damaging recall. The automaker first introduced the Huayra in 2012, which succeeded the Zonda. The Huayra uses extensive carbon fiber throughout the entirety of the supercar.

Under the hood is a Mercedes-AMG-sourced biturbocharged 6.0-liter V12 behind the passenger cabin. Initially, Pagani produced 100 examples of the supercar before starting a second run of 20 cars in 2016 that become the BC Coupe. While the V12 made 720 horsepower in the original Huayra, Pagani upped power to 745 hp in the BC Coupe. When Pagani removed the roof and made the Roadster, horsepower increased again to 754.

If you own a Pagani Huayra BC Coupe or Roadster, you can contact the NHTSA with questions, concerns, or comments. Pagani will contact owners with more information.

Source: NHTSA

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