HAMANN Ups Power, Dresses BMW X5 to the T, Both Inside and Out. Result? Black Flash on the Highway!

“In HAMANN we trust” should be on every BMW enthusiast’s lips. After a long series of mods on several BMW models, HAMANN has now created a series of pretty special X5 models, clad with a range of 20, 22 and 23-inch wheels, smoked to perfection, HAMANN style.

Pimping this car stylistically hasn’t been the only thing on HAMMAN’s minds though. Touches have gone beyond the ordinary, with changes visible from flat-bottomed, velvet-covered (aka alcantara) steering wheel, foot pedals clearly meant for performance purposes and extensive I.C.E. options.

This being a HAMANN, as opposed to a Versace conversion, performance has to match the talk. And in this regard the four engine plants fitted in the standard car have received treatment that goes a little beyond what Munich intended. At the forefront is the 4.8i V8, which, under normal circumstances, makes “only“ 265kW/ 355 bhp. HAMANN then gives it 278kW/ 373 bhp. It may not look like much on paper, but the 4.8i is already a quick one off the mark anyway. Next is the 3.0sd, upped from 210kW/ 286 bhp to 235kW/ 320 bhp and a stonking 660Nm of torque. Should be a crowd puller of note.

Down another notch is the 3.0d, turbo diesel as well, pulling off 195kW/ 265 bhp and 600Nm. We suspect the next upgrade on the production 3.0d will bear pretty close to this power figure, although torque may be lower. Lastly, but not least at all, is the petrol/gasoline 3.0si, now pushing 210kW and 335Nm.

While passengers enjoy the I.C.E. provided, driver can roll down his window and listen to deep notes from the rear, courtesy of sports headers, sports metal catalytic converters (for the petrol/ gasoline engines) and a silencer.

So what does HAMANN call all this? Simply, Flash. Not just because it’s all flashy, but also because that’s about the same sensation you will feel as it, well, as it literally flashes by.

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