Along with the release of their second teaser photo of a mystery new vehicle, Lamborghini has taken the opportunity to level expectations by releasing their "Manifesto for future supersportscars."

Already Lamborghini is telling us power output will not be increased and top speed is no longer a priority. Blasphemy! However, beyond watercooler discussions and matters of ego, the practicality of exceeding 300 km/h (186 mph), even at a racetrack no less the open road, doesn't exist. Plus the pressures of CO2 emission regulations makes the horsepower wars and top speed bragging rights simply no longer viable.

Instead, increased pleasure in driving through better handling, acceleration, and ultimately more effective power to weight ratio, is the key factor now. Surely, this concept of performance through light weight construction is nothing new - go ask Lotus. However, it's a monumental shift in Lamborghini's philosophy. So, how is Lamborghini going to tackle this new strategy?  Lamborghini says in the manifesto, "the magic word for this is Carbon fiber."

"We are mastering a broad range of technologies which put us in a leadership position for low-volume production. Every new Lamborghini will make the best use of carbon fiber to reduce weight," according to Stephan Winkelmann, President and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini SpA.

In the teaser photo we can see some sort of panel or cover made of carbon fiber with 10 cutouts most likely signifying a V10 engine. It is widely believed that the mystery supercar is the next-generation Murcielago, to be named Jota, but as the plot thickens we'll just have to wait for the next teasers leading up to the debut in Paris.

Check out the press release below to read the full manifesto.

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