BRABUS offers a clean-burning 47-horsepower boost for the Mercedes BLUETEC E-Class

When the aftermarket applies its go-faster magic to Mercedes products, it usually focuses on the already-hot AMG versions.  BRABUS has set its sights a bit greener with its just-introduced Power Xtra D6 BLUE kit developed specifically for the new E300 BLUETEC.  The kit boosts the diesel's output by 47 horses.

The power gain is accomplished by means of an auxiliary engine management system that's designed to work in harmony with the BLUETEC's special catalysts and exhaust filters.  The result is 258 horsepower and a stunning 450 ft-lb of torque from the 3.0 liter diesel V6.  BRABUS claims a 6.8-second 0-62 mph sprint and a limited top speed of 155.  The power gain is accomplished with no loss of fuel economy, as well.  A modified suspension, brakes, wheels,  body kit and stainless exhaust are also available from BRABUS for the E300, but are not part of the performance package.  

BRABUS has been tuning Mercedes' diesels since 2001, when the E V8 became one of the first clean-burning diesel performance sedans.  The D6 BLUE kit continues that tradition by meeting EURO V emissions standards set to go into effect in 2011.

BRABUS PowerXtra D6 BLUE Kit Available