Downsizing the future.

Envision the future is both difficult and wondrous. We still lack flying cars and intergalactic space travel. However, each day that passes, the out-there ideas of generations’ past become a reality. Automakers have a particularly tough time predicting the future because at any given time they’re designing cars that will enter production four or five years into the future. Predicting customer trends, tastes, and other variables is a challenge. What customers bought four or five years ago is different from today’s trends. Just look at the move toward crossovers and SUVs now that the economy is recovering, and gas prices remain low.

Porsche is also looking into the future, designing cars for the future, but that doesn’t mean it’s not looking further down the road. The German automaker designed four futurist concepts and gave them to photographer Eric Otto to photograph with Paris as the backdrop. These aren’t full-scale models, though. Instead, they are 1:3 scale models of the future cars. The four concepts are the Model 90X, Model Opulence, Model Supercar, and Model Thesis.

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Model 90X is a homage to Porsche’s racing history with its striking visual elements and emphasis on aerodynamics. It looks fitting for the Le Mans circuit. Model Opulence is a four-door, fastback concept that looks like it could be tomorrow’s Panamera. Model Supercar has a thin body and prominent wheel arches. It looks like an extra from TRON: Legacy. The final concept is the Model Thesis, another low-slung concept with an interior that tries to predict the future.

Almost every new car starts its life as a model before moving to a full-size concept. With the Paris backdrop, it’s hard to imagine the cars as 1:3 scale models. With an astute photographer, the cars look stunning, ready for the road. Check out the concepts from Porsche here.

Source: Porsche

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