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Neither the new BMW M5 nor the Mercedes-AMG E63 S is considered lightweight performance machines. They’re a crossbreed of luxury and performance that aims to offer power without disturbing passengers too much with a harsh, discomforting ride. However, that doesn’t mean these cars are slow. Both offer 600 or more horsepower, and each can rocket through a quarter mile in around 11 seconds. That’s plenty of power that could lead to flashing blue and red lights in the rearview mirror.

M5 vs. E63, round three:

However, while both are rivals, the cars are not exactly equal, though the differences are minor. The 603-hp E63 S makes a tad more horsepower than the non-S E63 and a smidgen more power than the 600-hp BMW M5. In the grand scheme of things, the power differences may seem negligible, but in a flat-out drag race, it’s enough to give the Mercedes an ever-so-slight advantage.

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The BMW packs a biturbo 4.4-liter V8 while the Mercedes gets its power from a biturbo 4.0-liter eight-cylinder engine. They’re quite comparable. This is why BMW is introducing the Competition Package for the M5, which bumps horsepower to 625, which could be enough to give it an advantage over the E63 S.

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In both races Carwow ran, the Mercedes squeaked out a win. We’re talking about a tenth-of-a-second difference. In the second run – best two out of three – the driver took the M5 out of M Sport mode, which has a rear-wheel bias, and put it into the all-wheel-drive mode. The M5 performed worse with the Mercedes getting a lead right off the starting line.

It’s fascinating to watch two automakers offer four-door luxury sedans that compete against one another perform so closely to one another, each trying to outperform the other. The Mercedes may take the win today, but in a few months, the BMW M5 with its Competition Package could prove the winner. We’d like to see that race.

Source: Carwow via YouTube

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