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During the 2018 National Automobile Dealers Association gathering in Las Vegas today, Lincoln announced to attending dealers the automaker is planning to add suicide doors to a future version of its Continental sedan, according to Automotive News. Lincoln showed dealers a photo of rear-hinged doors on a Continental, announcing plans to build the model. Multiple dealers spoke with Automotive News on the condition of anonymity.

Continental with suicide doors rendered:

"Continental is an important part of the Lincoln family," a Lincoln spokeswoman told the publication. "We have nothing to announce today relative to any future products plans." There was no confirmation about the suicide doors.

The news of Lincoln adding suicide doors to a future version of the Continental sedan is interesting. Just last week, we reported the Continental’s days could be numbered. Lincoln is allegedly thinking of discontinuing the model after just one generation, meaning it could disappear from the Lincoln lineup in 2019 or 2020. Granted, Lincoln could add the doors in a last-ditch effort to increase sales or slow their decline.

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Sales for the Continental are down 30 percent through February compared to the same time period last year. Granted, the sales of sedans across all automakers, luxury brands included, are declining as customers move to crossovers and SUVs.

The move of adding suicide doors to the Continental is “part of an effort to demonstrate the brand's commitment to its car lineup,” according to Automotive News.

Suicide doors are not new nor unique to Lincoln. The feature was popular for many brands prior to World War II. Lincoln introduced suicide doors on the 1961 Continental four-door sedan and convertible, offering the unique doors through the 1969 model year.

The addition of suicide doors to the Continental will certainly please enthusiasts who enjoy the feature. However, it may not boost sales or save the sedan from cancellation. Only time will tell.

Source: Automotive News

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