Talk about an eclectic collection of cars.

Gran Turismo Sport, the latest offering in the video game racing series, only just released late last year. Since then, Polyphony Digital has been hard at work adding a slew of new cars to the game, promising 50 new vehicles by the end of March. However, the latest news of 13 news coming to the racing series is more of a tease than anything else right now. This week, series creator Kazunori Yamauchi tweeted a dimly-lit image with vague silhouettes of the cars that are coming.


If you have lousy vision, let us break down what we see in the teaser image. Here’s what we deciphered could be coming next week:

There are three cars we can’t decipher If you want to fine-tune your sleuthing skills this weekend. All three are some sort of race car, but the details are difficult to see clearly. Granted, you could just wait until the update drops and is available to download. The slew of new cars is an excellent addition to the other expansions already available. If you can’t find a car you love to race, then you may be a tad too picky.

Gran Turismo is one of the go-to video game racing series today. It’s widely accessible while still proving to be a challenge with its real-world simulated racing physics. Relegation to the Sony PlayStation platform has allowed the racing series to excel, carving a niche for itself of hardcore gamers. Gran Turismo Sport is just the latest extension of the series, bridging the gap between gamers and car enthusiasts. Gran Turismo Sport is only available the PlayStation 4.

Source: Kaz_Yamauchi via Twitter

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